Meres Barreira

Born in Ourense, Spain. / Lives and works in A Coruña, Spain.

Watercolour is the painting of the soul

Water in all its forms (raindrops, waterfalls, fountains) is ever present in Meres Barreira´s art. Living by the seaside did not happen out of chance, it was a need for the artist. And that shows in her watercolors. Feelings emanate from the ocean. Some other times, the touch of earth, of nature, opens the flood of new sensations.

Not only is the essence of things portrayed in her abstract series, but also her figurative scenes express emotions. The trees, the rocks and the scenery reveal something deep… even the back of someone´s head has a story to tell. «She turns apparently petty and daily things into poetry, into a new truth» (Miguel Alonso, painter and sculptor).

Years of dedication to teaching English and French languages never manage to pull Meres away from her true calling, painting. She attends the School of Arts and Crafts in A Coruña, the very classrooms where Picasso had shaped his talent. Meres has fond memories of the great artist José Luis Rodríguez.

Later, she will study with the painter Fina Mantiñán, who started her artistic career in Paris, and it is her who encourages Meres Barreira to try the technique in which she would find her perfect channel of expression. Watercolour.

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